Investing means taking risks. But not investing is risky, too.

When we invest your money, we are guided by a number of core beliefs which comprise our investment philosophy. We believe that financial markets, powered by the wealth-generating capacity of global capitalism, will provide an adequate rate of return, in the long run.

We are confident technical progress, the ingenuity of entrepreneurs and productivity improvements will lead to bigger company profits and a growing economy.

And because we believe that markets really do work, we think so-called active investing, trying to predict market prices, in the hope of buying ‘low’ and selling ‘high’, is a fool’s errand.

Instead, we use investment funds with broad exposure to investment asset classes across the world, to harness the steady progress of capital markets, over time.

Discipline, structure and diversification are absolutely key. Diversification, in particular, is essential to spread your risk.

It’s important to recognise that risk and return are inextricably linked, with better returns only possible if you accept greater risks, and diversification is one way to mitigate the potential impact of risk on your wealth.

Our investment style aims to seek additional value through rational portfolio design and risk evaluation, backed by Nobel Prize-winning academic research.

Using research into capital markets over the last 50 years, our portfolios harness a powerful understanding of the dimensions that generate higher expected returns in both equity and fixed income markets.

The idea is to produce higher expected returns without the attendant risks, volatility and high administration costs typically associated with traditional active management.

But why bother investing at all? Why not just keep your money on deposit? Alas, bank interest alone can never produce enough income and you’ll inevitably end up consuming your capital, while inflation eats away at its value.

We believe our rational, measured approach to investing, allowing you to take advantage of sensible, well-diversified, low cost portfolios backed by decades of research and practical experience, is the best way to solve that conundrum.