The client: Brian Whitaker

Brian is a very successful entrepreneur and as a result has a complex portfolio of share and property investments as well as a variety of family trusts.

The brief

  • Advise on the structuring Brian’s affairs to maximise commercial returns and to minimise tax.
  • Help Brain to release cash in order to make some further investments.
  • Advise Brian on the structure of his potential investment into a joint venture which would be likely to realise losses in the initial years.

The outcome

  • Provided advice in respect of structuring his investments, his financial products and pension arrangements.
  • Devised a commercial, tax efficient structure of a sale of a plot of land into his SIPP to release some cash. This triggered a capital gain, but we had also reviewed his assets to identify non-profitable assets standing at a loss. This allowed us to restructure his portfolio to ensure that these losses could be triggered in order to reduce the £100k tax liability.
  • Advised Brian on the structure of his investment into a joint venture to ensure that he could use the expected losses in the most tax efficient way. Outside of the UK, he was also aiming to invest in an Indonesian business venture. Our team advised that this investment could be structured through an offshore trust which will achieve his objectives of minimising income and inheritance taxes.
  • Worked closely with our corporate finance team (who have advised this client in respect of potential acquisitions) and the audit team (who are taking on the assurance work for some of the various investments).

What our client says

“I have been delighted with the way BHP has helped me to organise my affairs. Their advice has always been easy to understand and delivered by friendly professional people.”

Brian Whittaker

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