Trust and estates advice you, and the next generation, can count on.

For anyone with significant personal assets, or a successful business, carefully planning for the future makes a lot of sense, especially if there’s a next generation to take into consideration.

The trust and estates team at BHP are experts at creating plans as family needs change over time, taking particular account of the tax consequences of such plans.

For example, we can establish family trusts to look a er future generations, spousal trusts for protection from care home fees, and trusts to assist with the mitigation of inheritance tax.

We have experience of the largest, most complex trusts and estates as well as smaller cases and can provide both financial and legal advice about the management and transfer of property and the administration of estates and trusts.

We can help clients to mitigate inheritance tax on personal wealth, family businesses and investment portfolios and how the use of trusts may assist in this, and deal with any probate problems which may arise.