Earning over £150,000? You need to review your pension. Here’s why.

If your annual income is above £150,000, then your pension allowance has been subject to tapering since April this year. For every £2 of income over £150,000, your £40,000 annual allowance is reduced by £1, with the reduction rounded down to the nearest whole pound if necessary. Reductions are capped at £30,000, meaning that those... Read more » Read More

4 things to do before the end of the tax year

The beginning of a new calendar year should serve as a timely reminder that we’re only three months away from the end of the current tax year. It might feel at the moment as though there’s plenty of time until the beginning of April, but ensuring you make use of the remaining months before they... Read more » Read More

Avoiding Rush Hour Traffic

The last business day of May is among the busiest for share traders around the world. It is one of the days that MSCI, a large index provider, rebalances many of its indices; restating the companies it believes to be representative of a particular market. Read More

Understanding sequence of returns risk

Come 6 April 2015, anyone over the age of 55 can withdraw as much or as little income as they like from their accumulated pension savings. Therefore, when it comes to using your pension fund to provide an income, although an annuity (an insurance product which provides a guaranteed income for life) will still be the right choice for many, it’s expected that an increasing number of people will be attracted to income drawdown. Read More

Pension wealth – keeping it in the family

All the pension changes announced throughout this year are starting to make pensions look like a natural choice not only for retirement provision, but also for estate planning. Read More

Financial Planning: Budget 2014

George Osborne delivered Budget 2014 to Parliament on 19 March. He unveiled several measures aimed at “makers, doers and savers”. With a whole host of changes announced in the pensions and savings landscape, there is certainly an awful lot of information for financial planners to get their teeth into! Read More